Welcome to Beat Fusion!

Where many styles fuse to create one musical adventure.


This is Beat Fusion, the internet radio station run by Seediffusion!

This internet radio station is packed with many exciting music tracks of many different styles that will get you in the mood for whatever it is you plan to do, be it writing code, cooking, studying, exercising, cleaning the house, or simply relaxing on the couch.


Here are just some of the best features this radio stream has to offer.

Free of charge

You can listen to as many tracks as you like, for as long as you like, completely free of charge and with no interruptions!

Many styles, many vibes!

From Hip Hop to soft rock to seventies/eighties style breakbeats to Flamenco, there's a beat for everyone!

Not an ad in sight!

No annoying adverts or nag messages will pester you right in the middle of a beat, or before a new beat is about to start. This isn't YouTube, and it never will be!

A nostalgia trip for all

Whether it's a certain style of music that's playing, or you're a fellow UK citizen and you recognize one or more of the tracks from a certain satelite TV service, whatever the reason, these beats are sure to take you back to your childhood days. Ah, the simpler times!

How to listen

There are 2 ways you can listen to Beat Fusion right now.

Listen on the web

Click the play button below to listen to the stream live within your web browser.

Listen via a media player

If you have a media player installed on your system that supports internet radio streams, simply configure the application to point to


If your application also supports Radio Browser, you can simply search for Beat Fusion, and it should appear right away.

Copyright Notice

This internet radio station was created soully for entertainment, historical and archival purposes. No financial gain shall be obtained from this internet radio station, be it through external advertisements, merchandising, promotional offers or any other means. All rights for music tracks, sound effects and/or any other item(s) go to their respective owner(s)/proprietor(s).